We at Row4 have produced a few Personal Tributes. Some of which are in our sample works section on the main site. One goal we have is to do many many more! We love people and their stories and firmly believe that stories can help us understand both who we are and why we are. This past summer, Seat04 and Seat05 produced an amazing tribute for the Harvey Family of Illinois. The story was close to home in that it was an idea born of Kevin Harvey and his desire to honor the legacy of his great Aunts. Kevin is a brother/son-in law to Row4 and understands the power of video to celebrate a family and share their stories with future generations.

Here is a clip from the lovely 90 minute piece:

Row4 talks a lot about family and history and remembering. This May, the chief behind the love, Seat04- Bob Sr. will be celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary. Amazing! We will be celebrating in Italy as a kind of return to the homeland.

We document moments like most families and sometimes all come together for a family photo. This one was taken summer 2001. It’s pretty special in that it has a lot of surprises… Somehow many friends and relatives showed up… and seat05 is being held by his wife when he was a baby!

Is that Ethel Merman? Indeed! There’s no business like show business after all…

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