We love Voices for Children. Sharon Lawrence and her team are selflessly working every day to completely shift not only the public perception of the Foster Care System, but how to make it better for the unfortunate children who find themselves existing there. We have been serving their video needs for five years and have begun collaborating on a sixth effort for their gala in late summer. She sat down with us to share her passion for the message and how we try so humbly to serve it.

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Rachel Teagle is the Executive Director at the amazing New Children’s Museum in San Diego. We were hired to do a few videos supporting the 2010 Gala which was their most successful to date. It was a privilege working with her team to support their unique approach to educating children on the “experience” of art. The pieces can be viewed on our Sample Work page and below are her thoughts on the success of our collaboration.

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It’s always an absolute pleasure to work with The Bishop’s School. They are real visionaries in their approach to fund raising. Through the leadership of John Trifiletti they seek authentic solutions to communicating their needs. Look at our Sample Work section on the home page to enjoy some of these unique collaborations. Mr Trifiletti himself was kind enough to share some thoughts about our shared work history.

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In 1974 Bob La Porta Sr. bought 2 season tickets for The San Diego Chargers. In 1978 he added a 3rd. So began a Sunday ritual where Bob and his two sons would drive to the stadium for Charger home games. They sat in Aisle 33, Section 34, Row 4, Seats 3,4,5. Bob in the middle, Robert to his left in seat 03, and Richard to his right in seat o5. There was Disco Dude, Sports Fan and that lady in front who brought the chicken in Tupperware. There were tears and cheers and some incredible memories of a shared passion. Finally, with both boys away at college Bob released the seats in 1996 but the memory and now the name lives on. And so does the heartbreak as the Chargers still haven’t won a SuperBowl. If Wilbur Young hadn’t jumped offside in 1980 maybe… just maybe…

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Welcome to the row4 blog. Here is where a visitor can have a bit more access into the workings of our company. Row4 is a father and two sons. We enjoy working together and we enjoy being together and a blog is our way of sharing some of that intimacy. Look for personal insights and anecdotes as well as testimonials from some of our wonderful clients. And if you ever have a question or thought never hesitate to leave a comment. Best, seats 03,04,05.

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