Both seat03 and seat05 have the privilege of sending their children to “progressive schools.” In fact, their sister has been a passionate advocate and inspired Montessori teacher for over 20 years. So, although this is perhaps a controversial subject, at its core, this type of education seeks to put the child and their abilities at the center of the learning. It’s generally a very creative approach to learning that fosters listening to the incredible capacities of children and guiding them to learn through doing, community and activity. Here is a good departure point if you’d like to learn more:


Also, often at the core of this system, is a belief in the power of creative expression and the value in nurturing it’s possibilities for understanding and participating in the world.

Here is a great Ted Talk on the matter:

So, you will notice a few profiles of schools in the ‘Sample Work’ section of our site under the ‘Education’ tab, in addition the below piece seat03 created to celebrate the school his boys attend. It was screened at a fund raiser supporting teacher enrichment. It was made entirely by stitching together over 4000 still photos. Enjoy!

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