It’s often hard to understand how a year can pass so quickly. We at Row 4 wear many hats, and therefore 2012 was filled with varied, but always exciting work!

The “sample work” page on our site continues to represent our current and compelling work. In 2012 we collaborated with both new and trusted clients.

But what else did we do?

Seat 05 continues to edit professionally and worked with a Chicago Market Research firm that uses video “to create a uniquely effective approach to ethnography and the generation and communication of insights.” These mini documentaries are an incredibly compelling way for a corporation to assess the potential of a product within very targeted demographics.

Seat 05 is also the proud father of an incredibly talented daughter that started high-school and is already an accomplished filmmaker and editor. Her work is fresh, exciting and always inventive. Have a look at the next generation of Row4 artists- Perhaps we need to add a well deserved seat in the row…

Check out some of her work here!

Seat 03 as mentioned in his bio is also an accomplished designer and fabricator. He spent a good portion of 2012 consulting with a Tech Start-Up in space planning and designing furniture for their trade show work. Here is a picture of a desk he co-designed that used a beautiful light “wall” to illuminate the company’s brand.

Seat 03 also had the privilege of collaborating with a terrific artist, patrick e, to design and install a kinetic series of screens in the courtyard of a local preschool. It is always exciting to participate in the progression of creative thinking and collaboration. It is very similar to the client work Row4 does in the non-profit sector. Row4 takes a great deal of pride in their commitment to finding unique, collaborative and creative solutions for their clients.

Here is a process picture as a witness to the exploratory start and a video of the final product!

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