Yearly Update

Row4 continues to work across multiple disciplines always bringing a unique perspective to any and all efforts.

Often, to serve some of our smaller clients and / or to maintain local affiliations, we branch off to do independent projects.
We are like a band that will never break up but sometimes feel compelled to do an Indie tour.

Have a look at Seat 5’s and Seat 3’s personal sites to find interesting and creative cross-over efforts:

vid Works

These side efforts always allow for our leader, Seat 4, to continue work on his memoir which is already a stunning 300+ pages and a history of so much more than just a man from Scranton, PA!

There was a leaked chapter that was a fascinating 1st hand account of the profound impact getting your family’s first television had on a boy, his friends and society at large.

Keep going Seat 4!

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