Good reviews for a mutual, Indie effort

NY Times article

Great work shot and produced by Seat 3, and expertly edited by Seat 5!

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Yearly Update

Row4 continues to work across multiple disciplines always bringing a unique perspective to any and all efforts.

Often, to serve some of our smaller clients and / or to maintain local affiliations, we branch off to do independent projects.
We are like a band that will never break up but sometimes feel compelled to do an Indie tour.

Have a look at Seat 5’s and Seat 3’s personal sites to find interesting and creative cross-over efforts:

vid Works

These side efforts always allow for our leader, Seat 4, to continue work on his memoir which is already a stunning 300+ pages and a history of so much more than just a man from Scranton, PA!

There was a leaked chapter that was a fascinating 1st hand account of the profound impact getting your family’s first television had on a boy, his friends and society at large.

Keep going Seat 4!

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We can go far and wide

We are sometimes called upon to create commercials for broadcast that falls beyond our “typical” drip line, but is fun to process none the less:

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Visual, Graphic, Ideas…

We are continuing our work to try and communicate ideas and concepts through visual imagery.

Recently, Seat 03 was asked to create a visual “tease” for a Corporate Board Retreat. The client was proposing a re-imagining of their facility and wanted to rouse the Boards interest before the official proposal was presented.

It was a success. A few months later, the Board approved a complete renovation of their facility. They understood that the vote to proceed was a the first step, a seed planted, towards an exciting future!

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One Man’s Ceiling

I recently noticed that Variety magazine was archiving articles from past years. A search for the film, One Man’s ceiling, used to list the Variety review as a top link. It was an exciting reminder that one of the eminent insider entertainment rags really understood what we were trying to accomplish with our small film. OMC was a very early by-product of a digital revolution that has now completely changed filmmaking. But time passes and I can only now dangle the spark that our #2 feature is in the works!

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We at Row4 have produced a few Personal Tributes. Some of which are in our sample works section on the main site. One goal we have is to do many many more! We love people and their stories and firmly believe that stories can help us understand both who we are and why we are. This past summer, Seat04 and Seat05 produced an amazing tribute for the Harvey Family of Illinois. The story was close to home in that it was an idea born of Kevin Harvey and his desire to honor the legacy of his great Aunts. Kevin is a brother/son-in law to Row4 and understands the power of video to celebrate a family and share their stories with future generations.

Here is a clip from the lovely 90 minute piece:

Row4 talks a lot about family and history and remembering. This May, the chief behind the love, Seat04- Bob Sr. will be celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary. Amazing! We will be celebrating in Italy as a kind of return to the homeland.

We document moments like most families and sometimes all come together for a family photo. This one was taken summer 2001. It’s pretty special in that it has a lot of surprises… Somehow many friends and relatives showed up… and seat05 is being held by his wife when he was a baby!

Is that Ethel Merman? Indeed! There’s no business like show business after all…

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It’s often hard to understand how a year can pass so quickly. We at Row 4 wear many hats, and therefore 2012 was filled with varied, but always exciting work!

The “sample work” page on our site continues to represent our current and compelling work. In 2012 we collaborated with both new and trusted clients.

But what else did we do?

Seat 05 continues to edit professionally and worked with a Chicago Market Research firm that uses video “to create a uniquely effective approach to ethnography and the generation and communication of insights.” These mini documentaries are an incredibly compelling way for a corporation to assess the potential of a product within very targeted demographics.

Seat 05 is also the proud father of an incredibly talented daughter that started high-school and is already an accomplished filmmaker and editor. Her work is fresh, exciting and always inventive. Have a look at the next generation of Row4 artists- Perhaps we need to add a well deserved seat in the row…

Check out some of her work here!

Seat 03 as mentioned in his bio is also an accomplished designer and fabricator. He spent a good portion of 2012 consulting with a Tech Start-Up in space planning and designing furniture for their trade show work. Here is a picture of a desk he co-designed that used a beautiful light “wall” to illuminate the company’s brand.

Seat 03 also had the privilege of collaborating with a terrific artist, patrick e, to design and install a kinetic series of screens in the courtyard of a local preschool. It is always exciting to participate in the progression of creative thinking and collaboration. It is very similar to the client work Row4 does in the non-profit sector. Row4 takes a great deal of pride in their commitment to finding unique, collaborative and creative solutions for their clients.

Here is a process picture as a witness to the exploratory start and a video of the final product!

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Both seat03 and seat05 have the privilege of sending their children to “progressive schools.” In fact, their sister has been a passionate advocate and inspired Montessori teacher for over 20 years. So, although this is perhaps a controversial subject, at its core, this type of education seeks to put the child and their abilities at the center of the learning. It’s generally a very creative approach to learning that fosters listening to the incredible capacities of children and guiding them to learn through doing, community and activity. Here is a good departure point if you’d like to learn more:

Also, often at the core of this system, is a belief in the power of creative expression and the value in nurturing it’s possibilities for understanding and participating in the world.

Here is a great Ted Talk on the matter:

So, you will notice a few profiles of schools in the ‘Sample Work’ section of our site under the ‘Education’ tab, in addition the below piece seat03 created to celebrate the school his boys attend. It was screened at a fund raiser supporting teacher enrichment. It was made entirely by stitching together over 4000 still photos. Enjoy!

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We at row4 are pretty unabashed sports fans. I suppose that’s obvious from our site and story as a company. So, when seat 05’s son decided to play little league this spring for the first time our support and participation was inevitable:

GO MARLINS! (and go the stirrup revolution!)

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We recently completed another fantastic collaboration with The Bishop’s School. They were seeking to produce a targeted video that expressed the often unspoken value their teacher enrichment program has on the faculty and ultimately their student population. We decided through an exciting pre-production process that involved interviews and round table discussions to focus on the teachers themselves to find out how this program has influenced their work in the classroom. Enjoy the video below, a picture from the “making of” and a picture from the event to get a sense of the venue where it screened. The event was a big success. The program received HUGE financial support securing the future ability to aide teachers development! Again- many thank to John Trifiletti and the entire support staff at The Bishop’s School.

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