Seat 3: Robert LaPorta

He is a Producer, Videographer, and Animator with Row Four Productions.

Robert has a multidisciplinary background with work as an actor, artist, animator and architect. In 1995 he co-formed Lost Glove Film Productions with seat 5. In 2002 he co-produced and stared in the "absurdist curio" One Man's Ceiling which premiered at the inaugural Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

He received his Masters in Architecture from SCIarc, The Southern California Institute of Architecture. He has built and designed furniture, children's play structures, shelter shacks, and has recently begun to use his media background to create promotional videos for the Architectural industry. He is married with two boys and lives exclusively by the simple motto: bcnaf. 

doors and windows are cut for a room;
yet, it is the space where there is nothing
that makes it useful.
therefore, though advantage comes from what is,
usefulness comes from what is not
tao te ching, 11 (mc carroll)

Seat 4: Bob LaPorta

He is the Executive Producer with Row Four Productions and oversees Client Relations.

Bob began his media career as a television producer/director in Pittsburgh, PA at the CBS affiliate KDKA.  There, he directed public affairs and entertainment programming, news, sports, and produced film documentaries until Westinghouse Broadcasting transferred him to Philadelphia to become a producer on The Mike Douglas Show for five seasons. While with that nationally syndicated program, he coordinated a week of shows from San Diego.  The city lured him to a position as Senior Vice President of the Corporate Entertainment Division at Sea World, which he headed for 16 years.

He then founded LaPorta & Company, Inc., which produced three nationally televised entertainment specials for Sea World, including an ABC network children’s hour.  Blockbuster Video has carried four of his children’s videos (nationally recommended for preferred children’s viewing) entitled Shamu and You: Exploring the World of Animals.

Most recently he was producing, as BLP Productions, corporate (including sales, incentive and product sessions) and academic events as well as videos for non-profits.

Clients have included: The Big Red Boat Cruise Line, LA Gear, Old Tucson Studios, Ringling Brothers, Covad Communications, The Bishop’s School, Universal Studios, University of San Diego, MCDATA, West Point 1952 Reunion Committee, The United States Olympic Committee, Voices for Children, Moores UCSD Cancer Center, The New Children’s Museum of San Diego, and Sea World.

Bob and his wife Esther also have a daughter Carolyn, who along with her two brothers, have presented them six grandchildren. He is a graduate of the Fine Arts School of Drama, when Carnegie Mellon University was Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh.

Seat 5: Richard LaPorta

He is an Editor, Writer and Creative Director with Row Four Productions.

He studied filmmaking at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he created such cinematic classics as Urinating in Public, The Jogger and the Vagrant, Kevin, Tim, George and Joe, Seminary, and Mostly Change.

In 1995 he co-formed Lost Glove Film Productions with seat 3 and together they made the Documentary Four Days in Detroit.

He then wrote and directed the 16mm B&W short film Man and Wife in Bed, which premiered at the 1997 Telluride Film Festival in the Filmmakers of Tomorrow program.

In 2002 he wrote, directed, co-produced and edited his first feature film, One Man's Ceiling, which in addition to premiering at the inaugural Tribeca Film Festival it screened at the International Film Market at the Berlin Film Festival.

He recently edited the 2009 Documentary The Providence Effect, which won Best Documentary at the Omaha Film Festival.

He is a writer, director and editor. He is also a husband, father, son, uncle, cousin, brother, and godfather to an atheist.

He was born in Pittsburgh, raised in San Diego and has made Chicago his home since 1987.